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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Original Tangle Teezer Review

We recently had the opportunity to review the Tangle Teezer brush courtesy of The Tangle Teezer is a revolutionary brush that bends and flexes with tangles, not just pulling through, resulting in a painless hair brushing. This was the perfect brush for me to try on Aislinn as she HATES having her hair brushed (since it always seems to be tangled). Let's take a look at the brush first:

Made in the UK! I'm an anglophile so that makes me happy :). It's shaped ergonomically, like a bean. The original Tangle Teezer comes in a variety of colours: black, pink, purple & pink, orange & yellow, and blue & pink (our choice). Here is what the brush part looks like:

The Tangle Teezer works so good, Aislinn loves it when I brush her hair with this brush. The bristles are very flexible but effective. It's fairly compact too so it's great to throw in your purse or pack for travelling.

The Original Tangle Teezer is available for $14.99 on the Nail Polish Canada site. For more information about the Tangle Teezer and other products, visit

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