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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Adventures in Geocaching

Mike and I had to go to Niagara Falls today to pick up a perfume kit for Aislinn that a Frugal Mommy generously offered on Facebook, and we decided to get our 'cache on while we were there. We ended up hunting 5 caches while in town:

In "Ghosts of 1812 - The Battle of Lundy's Lane" (GC3P22C) we came across our first Travel Bug! (and second trackable):

It's from California and trying to get to Germany. Unfortunately we aren't travelling any time soon so I'll have to drop it in a local cache for someone else.

Next we found "Auntie Lei and the Nephews3" (GC2ENMZ) and "Hurry Hard!" (GC2GZ8X), both quick park and grabs. Our fourth find, "How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck CHUCK?" (GC3PC19) was a quick park and grab as well but was the 2nd smallest nano I have ever seen (the smallest being GC1T28G):

The last cache "A Stroll in the Park" (GC4N3PF) we had no luck finding so we called it a day. Decent for winter caching though :) And Aislinn was super happy to receive her perfume kit, we'll probably do a review once we've tried it out.

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