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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Product Review: Euro Cuisine Yogourt Maker

As part of my Boxing Day shopping spree (not to be confused with my Cyber Monday shopping spree, post-Thanksgiving shopping spree, or Yay! It's (insert day of the week)! shopping spree), I picked up a Euro Cuisine Yogourt Maker from ( for around $30. One of my New Year's Resolutions is to stop eating the dairy that I love so much but makes me so sick (I'm milk protein intolerant). So yesterday I finally got the supplies I needed to make yogourt I can actually eat without getting sick (yay!) and actually tastes good (double yay! - soy yogourt is terrible). To make yogourt I needed milk (I used lactose-free) and yogourt or cultures (I know, I know, yogourt to make yogourt?) - I used plain coconut milk yogourt that contained active cultures. For flavour I added that lingonberry jam you can get at Ikea (essentially Swedish cranberries). You actually do most of the cooking on the stove and once the ingredients are cooked pour the mixture into the jars that come with the cooker (like larger babyfood jars). It takes a long time for the yogourt to sit in the cooker and do it's thing (8-12 hours depending on the type of milk used), but the yogourt I made was actually really good! It was a bit chunky but I probably didn't mix it enough when cooking on the stove.

The machine was quite compact and overall I'm quite happy with it. It was yummy and the kids even liked it! I've never made yogourt before so I don't have much to compare my experience to, but I will definitely be making more. Now I just need to work on getting a cheese maker. :)

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