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Friday, 31 January 2014


So, I've posted about this on Facebook, but haven't had time on here. Almost two weeks ago, we added a new member of the family, Annie the Beagle:

Look at that cuteness! We got her off of Kijiji and she is the sweetest dog ever. Rarely barks, great with the kids, full of kisses. She's a bit timid and gets freaked out when the kids scream or yell (Aislinn is especially fond of giving a high-pitched scream when she's excited). She's 6 years old, and I think somewhere along the way she had a not-so-caring home.

She's very snuggly and has made herself at home on my bed, though she is kind of a suck and likes to have us pick her up onto the bed :/).

The cats are starting to warm up to her, but they are still not super comfortable with her yet, as demonstrated by Sage here:

We all love her, and are looking forward to taking her hiking and adventuring in the warmer weather. 

Annie, the Brave Geodog.

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  1. Hi Taylor,

    She looks really cute :-) I found your blog because we both join the 'I love blogging' swap pat Nice to read some of your posts.

    Keep on bloggin'! Greetz Lobke (