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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Adventures in Geocaching with Geokids and Geodog

We took Annie for her first geocaching adventure today, which she loved. I had to visit someone in Thorold so we thought we'd explore some there as we hadn't really gone geocaching there other than the city limits by Brock University. We also brought along a couple of trackables - the Digging for the Mother Lode travel bug we found last time we went geocaching, and Aislinn & Hudson's World Traveler tag that we just set up. The game plan for that one is to send it off to different locales and have it sent back to us. The kids chose England as the first destination.

We found all 3 caches we searched for today, which was a good day. First we stopped for a quick park and grab at Holey Moley!. That was apparently quite high in a tree (I had Mike go get it, as Hudson was feeling sick - he gets car sick easily like me). Next we went to Party Rock!, beside the Welland Canal. That one was cool as it was hidden inside a rock. Very sneaky! I like ones that blend in like that. Hudson threw up by the cache so we had a bit of a rest before we headed to the next one, Pathfinders 1st Cache. We left our trackable tag there and paid our respects at the war memorial before heading home.

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