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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Trend Trunk review

I meant to post about this last week. As I mentioned in my January 2014 Snackbox review, I received a mystery giftcard for Trend Truck (, with mine being worth $5. Trend Trunk is an online store that works two ways. One - you can sell your clothes on there in your own "closet" - mine is located here - and Trend Trunk sends you a shipping label once it's sold. When the buyer confirms they've received it, Trend Trunk releases 80% of the funds to your account, which you can either spend, transfer to your bank account, or donate to charity. As a buyer, the price listed for each item includes the shipping, and sellers ship Expedited, so it generally comes within a few days. There are some really great deals. I ended up buying a cute Atmosphere dress. Atmosphere is one of my favourite brands, being from England, and I've bought items here and there off of eBay and at thrift stores.

I love it, and I will definitely be ordering from them again. You can mark off items as things you covet, and I am coveting a great many things right now.

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