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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

February LootCrate Has Arrived!

This week I received my first LootCrate ( box. LootCrate is a monthly subscription box geared to geeks/gamers. For $29.95/month (for Canada - less in the US, more international), you receive 6-8 geeky items. I was very, very excited to receive it.

This month's theme was WARRIORS and was based on the cartoon Bravest Warriors. I hadn't even heard of it before I received the box. I received:

- Alpha Battle t-shirt (Shirt Woot! & jamescho84) - this was pretty cool but I asked for a ladies shirt and I ended up with a mens shirt that's labelled ladies. Giving it to Mike unfortunately :(
- Bravest Warriors bow tie (Frederator & Black Tie Geek) - so cute! I gave it to Hudson as he loves bowties :)
- Gas Powered Stick cinch bag (Frederator & Loot Crate Labs) - I have a ton of these, I always seem to get these at events. Meh.
- Dunny Sideshow or Bot Blind Box Figure - this was pretty cool. Gave it to Aislinn.
- Bacon Love Card (OpenMe) - this is a really cute card. Will be saving this for next Valentine's Day
- Bravest Warriors sticker (JustToys Int & Frederator)

It also came with a code for a free Bravest Warriors digital comic, which I may download for the kids, as well as a coupon code for OpenMe.

Overall I wasn't impressed solely because I wasn't interested in the theme. I've seen better boxes from LootCrate in the past and I'm hoping next month's box is better.

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