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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

February Snackbox Has Arrived!

I received the latest Snackbox yesterday morning - it actually arrived quicker than the date I was given. Here's what I received:

- CheeCha Puffs in Sea Salt & Spiced Pepper (
- Hippie Foods Hippie Cookies in Chocolate Cashew (
- Simply Protein Chips in Herb (
- Neal Brothers Maple Bacon Chips (
- Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt & Almonds (
- Prana Sumsuma Organic Sesame Squares (
- Kimmy Seasoned Seaweed  
- Q Energy Drink Powder in Wildberry and Lemon-Lime (
- Kiju Organic Juice Boxes in Mango Orange and Pomegranate Cherry (
- Bounce Energy Ball (x2) in Cacao Mint Protein Bomb (
- Dan-D-Pak Cashews (

I was disappointed with this box for a couple of reasons. One, most of the products were small or sample-sized. Last month's box came with a full-sized box of granola bars and crackers. The largest item I had was the package of Hippie Cookies, which did not come with a lot of cookies. Plus, as posted on the In My (not so) Humble Opinion blog, the Q Energy Drink sachets are available for free on their website (plus shipping). This was also my second month in a row of receiving the Kiju juice boxes. While I like them, I feel like this was just a matter of throwing whatever you have hanging around in. It would be one thing if this was a good sized box and this was the bonus item, but it's not the case. I was also disappointed with the lack of kid friendly snacks. It was great last time that I had the granola bars for the kids lunches, the bunny cookies, fruit leather, gluten-free bookies, juice boxes and fig bar. There just wasn't as much this time. I packed the maple bacon chips and organic sesame squares in the kids' lunches and they didn't like them. 

I will say there were a few things we really liked. The Q Energy Drink powders were good, I always like receiving these things, they're handy for work. The cashews were good, but they were just straight up cashews (not that there's anything wrong with that). Mike really liked the Hippie Cookies, though didn't like the aftertaste on them. We're big fans of Che Cha Puffs so we were glad to get those. I REALLY enjoyed the seaweed, it was really good. I'm going to look into getting more.

I cancelled my subscription after this box. I'm not sure what the value of this box was, but it seemed low, and I know last month's was low. We live on a budget and at $45 a box with the shipping, it's too much if we're just not that satisfied. I will keep an eye on reviews though and if it looks like it's improving I will probably resubscribe.

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