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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Lush Products Review

I recently received some samples of Lush products from Anita of Intense Polish Therapy. I love Lush, their products smell great and love that they are all-natural. Anyhoo, this is what I got to try out:

Lush's Fun products, are playdough-like bars of soap. The kind I had the kids try, Pink Fun, smells like candy. We've never tried before, I think they might be new, but the kids LOVED it! I will definitely be ordering more. Fun bars come Green (lemon-lime), Red (mandarin), Yellow (Vanilla), and Blue (calming- maybe lavender?), in addition to Pink, and 2.5% of sales go to FUNd, an organization that supports children's charities in Japan.

I also had the kids try the Creamy Candy bubble bar, which they also had a lot of fun with. Bubble Bars are crumbled into the tub under running water to create delicious-smelling bubbles. Creamy Candy smelled like the Pink Fun bar, and is another must-buy. 

I got to indulge with the Mmm Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt in a bath. Bath Melts are similar to bath boms, but they just froth instead of fizz in the bath. Bath Melts are also moisturizing, which is great in the winter. I'm not into the candy scents really for myself, I would much more enjoy something floral, but I enjoyed the product and felt moisturized coming out of the bath.

I really enjoyed Strawberry Feels Forever Body Bar. It's actually the perfect massage bar for Valentine's Day. It smells like strawberries and roses and feels divine on the skin. I've been using it on dry spots, like my elbows. A little bit goes a long was with this and I still have some left. This is a definite must buy for myself.

I highly recommend checking out Lush's Canadian website at and checking out their fabulous products. :)

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