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Friday, 16 May 2014

Camino Ginger Dark Chocolate Bar Review

ethicalDeal recently sent me a Camino chocolate bar to review as part of their new ethicalSamples program. I'm a big fan of Camino chocolate. Their chocolate bars are certified fair-trade, organic, kosher, and gluten-free. Here's what I received:

Camino's Ginger Dark Chocolate bar contains 65% cacao. I love dark chocolate but I was a little bit apprehensive to try ginger and dark chocolate. I don't mind a little bit of ginger here and there in my food, but I'm not a big fan. That said, ginger and dark chocolate actually makes a really nice combination in this chocolate bar. It's similar to chili dark chocolate, which I like, but less spicy which works out better than me (I'm also not crazy about a lot of spice).

It's a really different kind of chocolate bar, and I would definitely buy it sometime. I might have to, because the rest of the family isn't getting any of this :P

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