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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Cesar Softies Medley Trio Dog Treats Review

Cesar Canada ran a giveaway on their Facebook page in March/April offering a free bag of their new Softies Dog Treats. To enter, you posted a photo of a "sweet small dog moment", so of course I entered Annie.

Seriously, who can resist this cuteness?!

Cesar Softies are treats especially created for small dogs. We received a bag of Softies in Medley Trio flavours - the three flavours are Porterhouse, Grilled Chicken, and Applewood Smoked Bacon (thus confirming that my animals eat better than me).

Annie is a bit too big for these treats (Beagles are such a weird size category, like smallish-medium? I have the worst time finding a dog sweater for her). That being the case, I gave her a few at a time to eat. She LOVED them! Really really loved them. Unfortunately, the cats did too. I left them on the microwave in the evening and when I got up the next morning, the package was in the living room, package shredded and treats gone. 

Olive, one of the treat-stealing fiends

Despite only having a brief time to try the treats, we were very impressed by them. They would be best for extra-small to small breeds (and maybe even cats!). 

For more information on Cesar Softies Dog Treats, visit

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