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Friday, 18 April 2014

April 2014 Topbox Review - Murale Edition!

When I received this month's Topbox, I was in for a pleasant surprise - I received the Murale Topbox! I know some people were underwhelmed by the regular Topbox this month, but I was quite pleased with the Murale Topbox. Let's take a look:

I received:
Everything I received I will use, so that def makes it a good Topbox. The Yves Saint Laurent serum is great, I like it better than the Lancome one I received in the last Topbox, and it even comes with a dropper which is handy. The eye cream also seems good, though I've only used it one day so it's hard to say. The Ojon Revitalizing Mist left my hair feeling super soft and smooth. The only one I was a little unsure about was the Juicy Beauty product. It's touted as having exfoliating action in the enclosed literature, but there wasn't any noticeable exfoliation when applied. Afterward though, my skin felt great, firmer and good and clean. Maybe it's super fine!

Well, this was my first "not-regular" Topbox and I thought it was great. What kind of Topbox did you get?

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