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Monday, 14 April 2014

What Do Daffodils Do?

April is Daffodil Month in Canada. It is a month for people to show their support to the Canadian Cancer Society by making donations, purchasing daffodils and pins, volunteering and raising cancer awareness. Daffodil Month is an event close to my heart. I have seen family members fight cancer and my grandmother died of cancer when I was 16. I also live in one of the highest cancer mortality areas in Ontario.

One of the ways you can support the Canadian Cancer Society is by purchasing a bunch of fresh-cut daffodils from your local Real-Canadian Superstore, Zehrs, Valu-Mart, Independent Grocer, or Loblaws.

The bunches are $4 each and $2 goes to the Canadian Cancer Society. I bought four bunches - one for each of us.

Each bunch comes with a pin so you can proudly show your support.

Who are you fighting for? Visit to find out how to get involved in Daffodil Month. 

Lastly, this is a PSA from 1992 for the Canadian Cancer Society. Even at 8 years old (when it came out), it was powerful to me.


  1. I think that's an awesome idea of them! :-) Curing cancer seems to be all about money so I wish I would be able to give them a lot. But this way many people can contribute AND have nice flowers in their homes. Great idea!

    My uncle died from cancer 3 weeks ago and my grandma lost her battle in 2010, so I do know how it feels! :(

  2. Hi Taylor, A good campaign idea to cure cancer. Years ago it was simply a death sentence. Now so many cancers can be caught early and cures. Everyone has family who is affected by this disease, but maybe our lifestyle has some to do with it now too.
    Visiting from Swap-bot, "I love blogging." Hope you'll come visit my art blog too.
    Coleen (coleenfranks) an American in Ukraine

  3. This seems like a really good cause and the added bonus is that daffodils are really pretty to decorate with. It's important to support and raise awareness for this type of things so thank you for sharing the way your country supports, it's nice to find out things from around the world

    kimt1989 from swap-bot