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Monday, 31 March 2014

Contest Winnings - Garnier Ombrelle and Fructis Style Beach Chic

About a month ago I won a contest on Garnier Canada's Facebook page and last week I received the prize in the mail! Full-sized bottles of Garnier's Ombrelle Face sunscreen and Fructis Style De-Constructed Beach Chic texturizing spray! 

I'm a big fan of Garnier's hair products. They're one of the best low-priced brands on the market. I currently have probably close to 10 Garnier hair care items at home right now. Plus, any company that has Tina Fey as a spokesperson is okay by me! 

I tried the Beach Chic spray in my hair this morning. Of course, it's not the greatest weather for it as the snow finally (hopefully) all melted this morning. I did like the light hold it gave my hair and it helped keep my waves in check. I will definitely appreciate it more in the summer when I can actually go to the beach, and it will hopefully help my summer frizz hair. Also, it smells lightly fruity, not overpowering.

I've used Ombrelle but not in a long time. However, I have been lacking a good face sunscreen and I do remember Ombrelle being a good brand. I will make more use of this when Spring decides to stay and the sun starts shining (though yes, I know I should wear sunscreen on cloudy days too).

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